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S2 E21 · On A Water Break
The One About WGI 2024 Colorguard Championships
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Join our hosts this week as the recount their amazing time at WGI 2024. We get to meet Ryan Eberly a WGI volunteer and TikToker as well as talk to Jas Cousineau about the amazing journey Les Eclipses took to a Bronze Medal in A Class this year. All this plus Water we doing and Gush and Go’s!

Special Guests

Ryan Eberly - @Ryan1eberly

Jas Cousineau - @les_eclipses

Meet our Hosts

Jackie Brown - @spintronixguard

Stephen McCarrick - @stephenmccarick

Cindy Barry - @leandermomma

Nicole Younger - @o2bnpjs & @thecookoutcg

Trevor Bailey - @t_pain151

Trish O’Shea - @trishdish1002

Beth Beccone - @bether7189

Chris Rutt - @wildhornbrass1

Cynthia Bernard - @cynthiabern

Ashlee Amos - @famousamossss_

Theo Harrison - @harrisontheo07

Stephanie Click - @stephanieclick

Whitney Stone - @dancerwhit

Justin Surface - @J_dex07

Ashley Tran - @itsashleytran

Jack Goudreau - @goudreau_

Bill Woodward - @remoking100

Emily Nee -

Ricardo Robinson-Shinall - @ricardorrobinson

Callie Quire - @cnquire

Austin Hall - @Austin_hall10

Jose Montes - @joeymontes57

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Lexi Duda - Host for On A Water Break In Rhinestones - The Stories of the Twirlers @lexi_duda

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