Analytics Prefix

Adding the Analytics Prefix will unlock monetization opportunities for host-read sponsorships and affiliate offers.

Applying the prefix is a one-time task and is essential for campaigns requiring listener attribution and tracking.

How does it work?

The prefix collects download statistics and site visits from each podcast episode with a redirect from your RSS feed.

Using a prefix will not impact your RSS feed and your podcast will continue to operate without any interference. Your podcast will continue to be served from your host provider, without any delays and noticeable differences from your listeners.

How do I add this to my RSS?

If you’re hosted with Zencastr, tracking is all set! Some host providers provide support articles to guide you through how to add this yourself. Here are some support articles from (Megaphone, Simplecast, and Spreaker).

If you're unsure if your host provider supports analytic prefixes, the best method is to email your host provider with the following request:

Hi Support:
Please add the following analytics prefix to my podcast.
URL prefix: “"

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact

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