Musings of a Black Doula

Musings of a Black Doula provides a view into the life of a 30something Black woman who makes her living serving families during birth and postpartum. I’ve built a doula business helping families of color have empowered births at a time when pregnant Black mothers are confronted with terrifying statistics everywhere they turn. And I’ve done it with the belief that there is still so much hope and joy in having a baby. Tune in to learn more about what it’s like. What should Black families really expect when giving birth in the hospital? How do I find a doctor, midwife, doula or lactation consultant I can trust? Is wanting an epidural enough of a birth plan? What should I actually expect postpartum? Is postpartum depression common for Black women? How can I get through pregnancy, birth and raising a newborn without completely losing myself? Is it possible to have a birth that’s not traumatic as a Black woman? How can I advocate for myself in labor? Is breastfeeding really that hard? How do I practice self care as a new mom? What is it really like to be a doula? This podcast is for you if you’re looking for - information about birth and parenting tailored to Black mothers & families of color - what OBGYNs, midwives, doulas and other birthworkers really think about birth and postpartum - an honest but hopeful perspective on reproductive and maternal health in the US - opinions formed over nearly a decade of experience being surrounded by pregnancy, birth and babies - Lessons learned while running a Black owned business - What it’s like to be a Black doula.
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