MilSpouse Mastermind Show | Create a life you love & grow a purpose-fueled business as a military spouse

The go to podcast for military spouses who want to live with more meaning and less overwhelm! Have you ever felt stuck, lonely, overwhelmed, frustrated or unfulfilled as a military spouse? Are you tired of putting your own dreams, goals and plans on hold; waiting for some future season to build a life you love? Do you sometimes feel like you’ve lost sight of who you are and what you have to offer? The MilSpouse Mastermind Show is here to empower you to GET UNSTUCK, CRAFT A LIFE WITH PURPOSE, and show you that YOU DON’T HAVE TO WAIT FOR TOMORROW TO CHASE YOUR DREAMS. In this podcast, we dig into all things military spouse life, from the mind and growth work that has to happen in order for you to completely get unstuck and feel fulfilled every single day – YES, IT’S POSSIBLE – to practically navigating the unpredictability of military life. Through honest conversations and expert interviews, we’ll help you set goals, combat stress and anxiety, incorporate self-care as a military spouse, boost your mental and emotional health, and prioritize what matters most, so that you can pursue your life, career and business dreams (with more joy and less hustle and overwhelm as a military family). 👋 Hi, I’m Christine, a military wife of over ten years, marketing strategist, mom of three, and coffee connoisseur. I am all-too-familiar with the challenges that come with frequent moves, deployments, TDYs and trying to balance military life with your own dreams and passions. After four moves and three babies in four years, I became an accidental stay at home mom. I began a journey to find myself again and figure out how to love the life I was actually living, rather than the one I had imagined for myself. If there’s one thing I want you to know, it’s this: You were made for more! More than the managing of schedules, keeping up with kiddos and holding down the home front. YOU have something uniquely valuable to offer, and when you pursue the things that light your heart on fire, you trade frustration for FULFILLMENT and isolation for IDENTITY, CONNECTION, and a life of IMPACT. I’m here to help you thrive as a military spouse, get clarity on what fuels and fills you, and give you practical tools and strategies to craft a life of MEANING and PURPOSE today. Whether you are an Army spouse, an Air Force spouse, a Marine spouse, a Navy spouse, Coast Guard spouse, or a Space Force spouse, this is the podcast for you! Friend, it’s time to reclaim your life and dreams and discover who you are meant to be because together we can change the world! LET’S DO IT! Full Episodes, Blog Posts and more: Join the MilSpouse Mastermind FB Community: Let’s Connect: Instagram: @milspousemastermind