Your LiPo's are charged, your goggles are packed, you head out into the mist of an eerie morning dodging asbestos and sketchy situations to fly your FPV drone with your friends. You know the feeling. You arrive at your spot, and your friend asks you "who would be on the Mount Rushmore of FPV?" and for the rest of the entire day of flying, you argue back and forth between names. On the Kwadcast, we have those debates and much more. From pilots who've been flying for while, we want to bring you the REAL conversations and debates that happen across our amazing hobby. We're going to have guests who are actual pilots at the top of their game, specific topics for each episode (Tinywhoop!), and much more.The FPV drone podcast with topics, discussions, controversy, and guests you and your pilot friends have been waiting for! Tune in every Monday for a brand new episode.