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S1 E168 · Ruff Talk VR
Racket Club Interview with Mathieu Castelli Chief Creative Officer at Resolution Games
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3 months ago

On this episode of Ruff Talk VR we are joined by Mathieu Castelli the Chief Creative Officer at Resolution Games to talk about their new VR game Racket Club! This game is unique to VR features elements of pickleball, tennis, ping pong, and other racket sports to create a totally unique experience. Listen as we get to know Mathieu, dive in to the making of Racket Club, what's coming next, and more!

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Racket Club Store Link: https://www.meta.com/experiences/6022041731249559/

Store Description: If you’re a fan of racket sports - from tennis to pickleball or padel to ping-pong - Racket Club is for you! Hit the courts in this all-new sport created for VR that combines the best of these sports and allows players to immerse themselves into a fully-social experience of a real racket club. 

• REAL FUN -  Play in singles or doubles multiplayer, or go for single-player glory in Career Mode. 

• REAL MOVEMENT -  A new sport that captures the authentic feel of play with real movement (no virtual locomotion!), Racket Club employs physics and interactions as close to real life racket sports as you can imagine. The minimum space is 6x5 square feet, but with the MR mode you get the most out of your space!

• REAL(LY) SOCIAL - Step onto the court in an authentic club experience! Meet new players and reconnect with old friends, on and off the court, as you partner up for doubles, compete in singles,  or spectate courtside together.

• REAL GOOD AI BOTS - Take on AI bots up through the highest competitive level or just use them to warm up and hone your skills. 

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