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S1 E5 · This Week in Surgery Centers
Amy Jones - Best Practices for Managing Your Medication Room
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1 year ago

Managing a medication room in a surgery center can be super complicated. From vendor selection to national drug shortages to supply chain issues to drug diversion it can be extremely overwhelming. Amy Jones, Owner of Jones Premier Pharmacy Consulting, joins us today to discuss the policies ASCs should put into place so that they can have full control over their medication room.

In our news recap, we'll cover a new price transparency law impacting Virginia ASCs, declining physicians pay, the latest industry acquisition, and over-the-counter hearing aids.

Articles Mentioned:

VA ASCs to Be Included in Implementation of State’s Hospital Price Transparency Law

How declining pay is pushing physicians to ASCs

National Medical Billing Services Announces Acquisition of MedTek

The Biden Move to Allow Hearing Aids to Be Sold Over-the-Counter is Now Saving Americans Thousands

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