Interview with Will Cloxton of Vankrupt Games - Developers of Pavlov Shack image
S3 E151 · Ruff Talk VR
Interview with Will Cloxton of Vankrupt Games - Developers of Pavlov Shack
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3 months ago

On this episode of Ruff Talk VR we are joined with Will Cloxton of Vankrupt Games, the studio behind Pavlov and Pavlov Shack - one of the most popular VR FPS. We are joined with Will to talk all the latest for Pavlov including a much anticipated launch on the official Meta Quest store on November 14th! Also known in the community as Junt, we talk with Will about what's to expect in Pavlov on launch, what's next for Pavlov, and more!



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Pavlov is a team-based multiplayer VR shooter with realistic weapon handling. Play a variety of game modes with over 65 interactable weapons and attachments in various environments.

Team up in a match of 5v5 in Search and Destroy, a classic uncompromising competitive game mode where you must attack or defend against a bomb objective.

Use your detective skills to uncover the traitors in a casual murder mystery gameplay with various player roles in TTT.

Neutralize a monster that escaped captivity in an asymmetrical 1 vs. 9 game.

Operate vehicles such as 4×4s or tanks with intuitive driving controls in a WWII match to defend your homeland in Stalingrad.

Play hundreds of community made mods. 

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