Interview With David Kahn - Head of Product at Baobab Studios and Galactic Catch image
S3 E132 · Ruff Talk VR
Interview With David Kahn - Head of Product at Baobab Studios and Galactic Catch
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3 months ago

Today we are joined by David Kahn, the head of product at Boabab Studios! Fresh of the release of their new game Galactic Catch - a VR story based fishing game on the Meta Quest- David carries a wealth of experience in the gaming industry including from his past time at Zynga and also his work on Baobab's previously titles like Bonfire and Baby Yaga. Listen as we get to know David, his background, more about the development of Galactic Catch, what's next for the game and studio, and much more!


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NEW! Unleash your potential and make your mark across the galaxy. 🛸

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Great for all ages! Play the latest out-of-this-world fishing game from Baobab Studios, 9x Emmy-winning creators of the fan-favorite, "Invasion!"

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🪸 Craft your aquarium with decor and prized fish
🎶 Soundtrack from award-winning composer, Rex Darnell
📖 Original story from Baobab Studios
🐳 Save your friends Mac & Cheez (if you can!)

Enjoy an out-of-this-world experience as you cast your line across galaxies. As a faithful robotic companion, your task is to save your friends Mac & Cheez. Catch alien fish across diverse and strange worlds, craft and level-up your fishing gear, and undertake challenging quests. Personalize your aquarium with distinctive decor and display your prize fish!

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