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S1 E159 · Ruff Talk VR
Interview with Ben Outram - Developer of Squingle
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3 months ago

On this episode of Ruff Talk VR we are joined with Ben Outram the creator of Squingle! One of our favorite VR puzzle games, we wonder how this game is still on the Meta Quest app lab store instead of the official store. Listen as we catch up with Ben, hear more about the new mixed reality mode, what's coming next for Squingle, and more!



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Store Description: Now with MIXED REALITY and HAND TRACKING support!

Squingle is a “surreal, clever, and addictive” experience, where you must guide revolving orbs through glasslike 3D mazes while being taken on a journey of cosmic transcendence by an ontologically ambiguous goddess.  

With striking visuals, a progressive electronic soundtrack, and a squidgy logic all of its own, Squingle has become a cult classic with the highest user rating of any Quest game on the entire Quest game ecosystem (at time of writing). And critics agree!

“Brilliantly creative” ~ RoadToVR

10/10 - “The perfect VR game.” ~ Zimtok5

93% - "A masterpiece.” ~ RuffTalkVR

9.1/10 - "One of the most fascinating and original things ever seen.” ~ VRItalia

“A great puzzle game.” ~ UploadVR

91% - “One of a kind.” ~ VRGameCritic

Solve ingenious puzzles, overtake friends in Leaderboards, race your own ghost, and unlock all Achievements. And with the all-new Mixed Reality update, see colorful fractals emanate across your walls and furniture as you customise your environment.

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