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Hello everyone welcome to my regular ramble through geeky subjects from tech, to history, games, writing, language, and more.

This issue is a little light on links, but I have a great interview with Marshall Jung of Tabnine you can hear in the voiceover section of this newsletter or wherever you find your podcasts. We spoke about the company’s take on AI coding assistants and how they’ve been doing things differently from some time.

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That aside I look at some of the best content for digging into what happened with Silicon Valley Bank, what will AI to do music, and more!

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"It's always going to be very biased towards the data it's trained on" – Red Hot Chili Peppers and Adele mixing engineer Andrew Scheps shares his views on AI machine learning, and his tips →

Three-time Grammy Award-winning mixing engineer Andrew Scheps worked on Adele's 21, RHCP's Stadium Arcadium (both of which is won Grammys for) and has mixed for Black Sabbath, Metallica, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Neil Diamond and man, many others.

How the Weekend-Long Freakout Over Silicon Valley Bank Ended →

Unless you happened to take a digital detox this weekend, you probably witnessed a lot of online commotion regarding tech startups, the banking system, and the institution formerly known as Silicon Valley Bank.

The Silicon Valley Bank Contagion Is Just Beginning →

When Silicon Valley Bank collapsed on March 10, Garry Tan, president and CEO of startup incubator Y Combinator, called SVB’s failure “an extinction level event for startups” that “will set startups and innovation back by 10 years or more.

What you need to know about the SVB bank rescue plan →

Question and answers about the federal government's plan to stop bank runs.


The Moral Case Against Equity Language →

What’s a “justice-involved person”? The Sierra Club’s Equity Language Guide discourages using the words stand, Americans, blind, and crazy. The first two fail at inclusion, because not everyone can stand and not everyone living in this country is a citizen.

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My creative writing setup

How do I write my creative works? I tell you how…

Technical writing with JetBrains' Writerside and Grazie

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