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Classified Documents 101
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11 months ago
Classified information is utilized by nearly every agency in the government, but what happens when that information is leaked or mishandled? After classified documents were discovered in the private residences of both former and current presidents, and classified Pentagon documents were leaked online, classified documents and their handling have become a hot topic of discussion. In this episode of Big World, former FBI intelligence analyst Jorhena Thomas, SIS/MA ’04, joins us to discuss the classification process, document handling, security clearances, and more. Thomas discusses the type of information that get classified and the different classification levels (2:45). She also walks us through the classification process (5:24) and discusses who gets to decide what information is classified (6:00). Recent leaks have raised questions and concerns over security clearances, including: how does one get a security clearance in the first place (7:40)? Once a document is classified, how long does it stay that way (11:52)? What is proper handling protocol for classified documents (17:43)? Closing out the episode, Thomas discusses why some government agencies may “overclassify” documents (20:47) and explains the tear-line process of declassifying documents in part (23:19). During our “Take Five” segment, Thomas shares five things that listeners should know about classified documents (13:33).