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S1 E23 · This Week in Surgery Centers
Jeff Lawrence - Why Data is a Strategic Imperative
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6 months ago

Data can be leveraged to identify savings opportunities, and Jeff Lawrence, Envi's VP of Business Development, is on the podcast this week to tell us exactly how. Clean, robust, and actionable data should be at the core of your surgery center's strategy if you want to continue to thrive.

In our news recap, we'll cover a few nursing schools that are offering free tuition in exchange for a pledge to work post-graduation, exciting news from SCA Health, how providers are attempting to tackle healthcare for the homeless, and of course, end the news segment with a positive story about AI software that has been successfully trained to detect breast cancer.

Articles Mentioned:

Nursing Schools Offer Loan Forgiveness Programs to Offset Nurse Shortage

Caitlin Zulla named CEO of East Region of Optum Health, Jason Strauss Named Next CEO of SCA Health

How Providers Across the US Are Caring For the Country’s 580,000+ Homeless People

AI software shows promising results in detecting breast cancer missed by doctors

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