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1989: Lean On Me with Chuck Hayward
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2 months ago

Screenwriter Chuck Hayward (WandaVision/Dear White People) takes us on a trip to New Jersey in the 80s to discuss the dramatization of principal Joe Clark's life, LEAN ON ME.

Lead by a showstopping performance from Morgan Freeman, and directed by the legendary John G. Avildsen, Lean on Me tackles the complicated real life story of a principal, with many flaws of his own, taking on an issue passed down to him from years of systemic injustice for inner city children. We discuss the lukewarm reception this film met at its premiere, and its journey to becoming an American classic, and a television staple. We also take a deep dive into Freeman's career, ranking our favorite performances of his, and trying to figure out what the heck happened at the Academy Awards that year. Tack on a beautiful rendition of the Eastside High Alma Mater from Kenny and Chuck, and some WandaVision reception talk (How could we not?), and you have an episode for the ages.

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