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S1 E161 · Ruff Talk VR
Interview with Gustav - Game Producer at Resolution Games
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3 months ago

On this episode of Ruff Talk VR we are joined with Gustav a producer for Demeo and Demeo Battles over at Resolution Games! Reviewing Demeo was our first ever episode of Ruff Talk VR so this is a special one for us. Listen as we get to know Gustav, the origins of Demeo and Demeo Battles, what it was like to make a PvP version of Demeo, game tips, what's coming next, and more!



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Demeo Battles Store Link:

Store Description: Welcome to the arena! Demeo Battles is a competitive turn-based strategy game for 1-4 players, featuring:

* Turn-based Tactics - Battle your opponents in grid-based action combat across 10 maps tailored for intense PvP action— but don’t fall victim to “The Burn”
* Monstrous Minions - Assemble an army of chaotic critters to fight alongside you — from rats and goblins to cave trolls to giant slimes — a rotating cast of 30+ creatures to pick from at launch, all with a mind of their own
* Heroic Teamwork - Bring two champions to the battle in every match and leverage their synergies; control both heroes directly or partner with another player to defeat competitors cooperatively
* Play Your Way: Choose a champion to match your play style from 7 classes to unleash magic, melee mayhem and more, with 80+ possible cards to pick from
* Bespoke Builds - Spend your coins wisely when you enter the arena to build a unique loadout in every game, choosing from a randomized selection of action cards and monsters
* Speedy Strategy - Challenge yourself to battle after battle with average matches lasting just under 20 minutes  
* Single Player - 40 challenges to help you sharpen your skills for tactical triumph
* Cross-Play - Play with your friends across all supported devices 
* Mixed Reality - Play in passthrough using the AR mode and without controllers using hand tracking

Demeo Battles is the next game for the Demeo Action Role Playing System.

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