Interview with Rob Slann - Lead Level Designer of Max Mustard image
S1 E190 · Ruff Talk VR
Interview with Rob Slann - Lead Level Designer of Max Mustard
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2 months ago

On this episode of Ruff Talk VR we are joined by Robbie the Lead Game Designer of Max Mustard! A new VR platformer from Toast Interactive, Max Mustard takes some of the best elements from classic platformers and wraps it all together with a great story! Listen as we talk with Robbie about the making of Max Mustard!


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Store Description: Max Mustard is now available to Wishlist or Pre-Order exclusively on Meta Quest!

From 21st March 1PM (PST), Max Mustard will be officially launched and playable on the Meta Quest Store. 


Don’t just play the game, step inside the game. Max Mustard is a made-for-VR platformer with a timeless, delightful art style. Each of the 40 hand crafted levels are their own unique adventure, designed for intense gameplay, exhilarating surprises and constant variety. No boring bits! It’s the perfect combination of first-person power-ups and classic third-person platforming. This is a VR platformer you’ll find impossible to put down!


Max Mustard is an inventor on the dying plant Krunch, who witnesses small creatures being captured and caged by an unscrupulous businessman and his mechanical workforce. He’s making a fortune selling them as an elitist vanity product to the super wealthy. You and Mustard team up to save as many creatures as you can.

Along the way, you are faced with a surprise dilemma when a friend reveals a secret about who they really are and imposes an impossible decision on you. One which could have monumental consequences.


40 Levels.
4 Bosses.
8 Upgrades.


“The mechanics are out of this world and every level is unique!”

"It's not a child's game, it's a game for the inner-child".

“This is not a game of checkers, it’s a game of chess!”

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