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S1 E37 · This Week in Surgery Centers
Gavin Fabian – The Case Profitability Conundrum
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4 months ago

Surgery centers often struggle to predict if a case will be profitable before taking it on, especially with complex and high-acuity cases. Gavin Fabian is the Chief Innovation Officer at HST Pathways, and alongside his team, he decided to tackle this problem head-on and build first-of-its-kind software that would arm ASCs with the data they need to avoid unprofitable cases and take on cases with financial confidence. Learn more about the development of HST Profit Forecast, its many use cases, and what clients are saying thus far.

In our news recap, we’ll cover a little bit of the CMS 2024 Proposed Payment Rule, Northwestern Medicine’s AI success, an Ohio physician who lost her medical license, and of course, end the news segment with a positive story about a woman’s dedication to receiving her nursing license even with 35 years of setbacks.

Articles Mentioned:

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Artificial intelligence helps Northwestern Medicine gastroenterologists detect, remove 13% more colorectal polyps

Ohio plastic surgeon who livestreamed patient operations on TikTok has state medical license revoked permanently

Rhonda Trotter Fulfills Dream of Becoming a Nurse – 35 Years Later

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