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Monty Noble – Part 1 – with Peter Lloyd
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To mark his 150th birthday (28 January 2023), we launch the podcast with a double episode on the life and career of Montague Alfred Noble (1873–1940), middle-order batsman, early exponent of swerve bowling, and Australia’s twelfth Test captain. For this episode, biographer Peter Lloyd joins host Tom Ford to discusses the challenges he faced writing the first full-length account of Noble’s life, his early cricket career, the various controversies surrounding Noble’s bowling action, and how exactly we should address him (Monty? Alf? Mary-Ann? MAN?).

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In Part 2, Peter discusses Noble’s qualities as a captain, his relationship with cricket crowds, the SCG Grandstand named in his honour and his legacy today. Furthermore, we dissect Noble’s Test, First Class and Grade statistics in detail.

Peter’s self-published Limited Edition book Monty Noble: Cricketing Nobility (2022) was much sought after. Good luck finding a copy!


After a long and wide-ranging career as an academic and consultant in public health, drew on his life-long passion for cricket literature and turned to writing.  In 2020 and 2021, in collaboration with Peter Schofield, he produced two self-published pictorial narratives on Victor Trumper and Don Bradman, with the former awarded runner-up in The Australian Cricket Society Book of the Year. Turning to the 'Golden Age’, in 2021 Peter self-published a biography of the NSW left-handed opening batsman Warren Bardsley, which was subsequently announced last August as the ACS Book of the Year.


Presenter & Producer: Tom Ford

All music used in podcast comes from the University of California Santa Barbara’s remarkable collection of wax cylinder’s from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, which are free to download and use. You can donate to the upkeep of these recordings via their website.