Episode 508 - Cyphers vs The Centopoly - Freewill vs Predestination image
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Episode 508 - Cyphers vs The Centopoly - Freewill vs Predestination
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4 months ago

In this episode I speak with Devin Sawyer, one of the SciFi comic book series LegendsOfCypher.io.  After a couple of decades in the banking industry, Devin went down the web3 rabbithole and found a world of opportunity to combine his passion for technology with his passion for SciFi and comics with a community of other web3 driven folks he met in a DAO.  

The SciFi project Legends of Cypher creates a universe where Humanity faces a choice: a future where they are free to choose their own path — for good or ill — or the Centopoly, which offers its vision of peace and prosperity through the Metric.  This is a modern play on the classic never-ending struggle between predestination and free-will.  

This project is a culmination of two years of a collaboration between Devin, Crayons, and other web3 and SciFi dystopia enthusiasts who started with an idea and met consistently to build on this idea.  It is now taking off into some amazing finished products with lots more coming.  

You can participate and support this project by going to LegendsOfCypher.io and buying the comic books with traditional fiat money, or by buying the NFT which are a passport into the products and also in to many other perks now and into the future. 

You can find the project on X (Twitter) at: @LegendsOfCypher