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E263 · Surviving the Survivor: #BestGuests in True Crime
Dan Markel’s Former Law Students Weigh In on Donna Adelson’s Impending Trial
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Welcome to another episode of Surviving The Survivor, the podcast that brings you the #BestGuests in all of True Crime… 

After 9+ years, Donna Adelson finally appeared in a Tallahassee courtroom to hear the charges levied against her, including murder, in the conspiracy to kill her ex son-in-law FSU Law Professor Dan Markel. 

The following day her son Charlie Adelson was sentenced to life in prison without parole. 

This week, Donna was back inside a Tallahassee courtroom as she hopes to go to trial soon. We break it all down. 


Stephen Webster & Louis Baptiste are the lawyers behind Webster & Baptiste Attorneys at Law in Tallahassee. 

Stephen was Dan Markel’s post divorce attorney. 

Louis was Dan Markel’s law student at FSU. 

Shalisa Francis is a graduate of Florida A & M University in Tallahassee, FL, where she received both her business degree and MBA. She is also a graduate of Florida State University College of Law and one of Professor Dan Markel’s former law students from his earlier years at FSU. Her legal experience includes employment law, personal injury defense and contract law. She currently practices insurance defense litigation at a Fortune 50 company. 

JEREMY Mutz specializes in Criminal Defense, Family Law, and Divorce Law. 

Jeremy has strong Tallahassee ties, attending FSU School of Law where Dan Markel was a professor 

Jeremy worked as an assistant State Attorney where he prosecuted domestic batteries, violations of injunctions, DUI’s, and serious felonies in Tallahassee and Apalachicola. 

He now has private practice in Chipley. 

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