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S1 E41 · This Week in Surgery Centers
Michael McClain – Opening an ASC: Navigating Payer Contracts
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8 months ago

Last week we sat down with Wil Schlaff to talk about how to conduct a feasibility assessment for your new surgery center. 

As a continuation of that conversation, we’re sitting down with Michael McClain to discuss navigating payer contracts for your new surgery center. Michael is the founder and managing member at LeftCoast Healthcare Advisors, and we are talking through how to initiate payer conversations, positioning yourself to get the best rates, effectively managing contracts, and so much more.

In our news recap, we’ll cover the government’s plan to grow the nursing workforce, how to implement more safety and security measures at your ASC, the use of machine learning to predict the suitability for having a surgical procedure performed at an ASC vs. an HOPD, and of course, end the news segment with a positive story about how many steps a day you actually need to remain healthy.

Articles Mentioned:

The Biden-Harris Administration Announces $100 Million to Grow the Nursing Workforce

Implement Security Safeguards

Using machine learning to predict suitability for surgery at an ASC vs HOPD

No pressure to walk 10,000 steps, scientists said

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