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10 months ago
On Episode 145 of “That’s What I’m Saying!” the podcast, Shaun and Shatara talk the knuckin’ and buckin’ down by the Montgomery Riverfront, pansexuality andTory Lanez sentencing and more… 52:00 - On the Woke Minute we discuss the biolab raid in California and the wildfires in Maui. 1:04:00 - on the Weekend D*** Report a husband asks what should he do if he’s not attracted to his wife anymore. 1:13:54 - On That’s My Jam, Shatara brings us back to 2002 “I Know What You Want” by Busta Rhymes and Mariah Carey Want to advertise your business on our podcast AND TV Show on Island TV? Visit https://twispod.com/advertise-with-us