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S3 E150 · Ruff Talk VR
Interview with Les Stroud and Andrew Macdonald of Survivorman VR
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3 months ago

On this episode of Ruff Talk VR we are joined with the one and only Les Stroud from the Survivorman TV series and Andrew Macdonald from Cream Productions to talk about their news virtual reality game Survivorman VR: The Descent available now on the official Meta Quest store! Listen as we talk with Les and Andrew about how this game took real life survival situations and tips and were able to turn them into a fun virtual reality experience, the making of the game, and more!



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Store Description: From the makers of the hit TV series “Survivorman”:
Survive an Arctic nightmare as the sole survivor of a helicopter crash on a freezing mountain. Lost, cold, and with darkness closing in, can you build a fire and shelter to brave the elements?

Test your survival skills in Survivorman VR: The Descent, an authentic and dynamic experience in the breathtaking Canadian Arctic. Face real-world extreme challenges that push your intellect, emotions, and physical abilities to the limit. Under the expert guidance of legendary survivalist Les Stroud, rely on your skills and resourcefulness to save your own life.

Over six intense levels, confront challenges that test your skills and inch you closer to rescue. From crafting snowshoes to glissading down slopes, navigating glacial crevasses, building hunting traps, rappelling cliffs, and keeping the fire burning - every move counts.

Follow the river to potential rescue, but not without a nerve-wracking encounter with a hungry, irate polar bear.

Survivorman VR is grounded in real, tried-and-true survival techniques and scenarios, delivered by world-renowned survival expert Les Stroud. With over 30 years of wilderness survival experience, Stroud shares his wealth of knowledge. While he guides your expedition, the decisions you make will determine whether you live or die. It's the ultimate test of your survival instincts.

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