Flock of the Low God Interview with Dan Clifton and Nathan Frazier of Top Right Corner image
S1 E184 · Ruff Talk VR
Flock of the Low God Interview with Dan Clifton and Nathan Frazier of Top Right Corner
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1 month ago

On this episode of Ruff Talk VR we are joined by Dan Clifton and Nathan Frazier of Top Right Corner, the studio behind the new VR horror game in early access - Flock of the Low God! We've previously talked with Dan about Top Right Corner's great previous game The Atlas Mystery, and their new game is also a treat. For any fans of horror games, this one is for you. Listen as we catch up with the studio, hear more about the inspiration of Flock of the Low God (Including the movie it's based off of - Malum), dive into the making of the game, what's next, and more!

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Flock of the Low God Store Link: https://www.meta.com/experiences/5342973392424423/

Flock of the Low God Store Description:  **FOTLG is in Early Access/Beta and may contain bugs**

A festering evil has taken root at the Lanford Police Department…

It’s been one year since your father died in the line of duty, a sudden and unexplainable death following his arrest of the notoriously vicious cult “The Flock of the Low God”. In his final days, it seemed an evil had consumed him and driven him mad, a mysterious affliction that has haunted you ever since and driven you to adopt the badge yourself.

In this thrilling survival horror experience based on the feature film MALUM, step into the shoes of Officer Loren, a rookie cop on her first shift that threatens to become her last. Explore the decommissioned police station, uncover the evidence, and piece together the disturbing history behind your father's death, the notorious cult and its dangerously enigmatic leader: John Malum.

But be careful… because John Malum never forgets, and he and his demented followers have their sights set on you.
Can you stop the Flock before they overrun the police station? Or will you become the final piece in their bloody and twisted ritual? 

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