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Gregory DeConciliis – Opening an ASC: Clinical Preparation
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8 months ago

Greg DeConciliis is a Physician Assistant and Administrator at Boston Out-Patient Surgical Suites. He spent time with us today to share tips and insights on properly preparing the clinical side of the house while you are opening a new surgery center. In this 5th episode of our De Novo series, we’ll cover who your first hire should be and when, which clinical team members you must have in place to receive all the necessary licensing, preparing for quality reporting, and other clinical considerations to keep in mind.

In our news recap, we’ll cover what the future holds for the outpatient surgery workforce, a decapitated boy who was saved by his surgical team, tips for working with local authorities to create an emergency plan, and, of course, end the news segment with a positive story about a groundbreaking surgery gave a woman her voice back.

Articles Mentioned:

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Groundbreaking surgery gives woman her voice back

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