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S1 E197 · Ruff Talk VR
Interview with Joe Halper - Creator of NOPE Challenge
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1 month ago

On this episode of Ruff Talk VR we are joined by Joe Halper the creator of Happy Manic, the studio behind NOPE CHALLENGE! A new VR game coming to the Meta Quest on April 25, this game is all about facing your fears as you go through scenarios focused on heights, clowns, and also spiders with a bunch of other phobias mixed into the experience. Listen as we get to know Joe, learn about the inspiration and development of Nope Challenge, and more!


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Nope Challenge Store Link:

Store Description: NOPE CHALLENGE is an exhilarating psychological nail-biter that allows you to confront popular phobias such as clowns, spiders, and heights with varying levels of intensity. The game empowers you with the NOPE Button, allowing you to NOPE out at any point and go to a calming Breather Space. This puts you in control, letting you dictate the pace and intensity of your personal gameplay experience. With levels packed with triggers for over 40 phobias, NOPE CHALLENGE has something for everyone.

Key Features:

- Intense NOPE CHALLENGES: Choose from any of the 9 available NOPE CHALLENGES with tailored intensity levels; LIGHT eases you in, MODERATE increases AI interaction, and EXTREME pushes you to the limit.
- Phobias Everywhere: Besides the thrills of Heights, Clowns, and Spiders, there are triggers for 40+ additional phobias. 
- The NOPE Button & Breather Space: These unique features ensure a balanced experience, allowing you to rest, relax, recharge or explore before heading back in or choosing a completely different NOPE CHALLENGE to jump into.
- Advanced Dynamic AI: Experience never-the-same encounters with AI-driven adversaries in MODERATE and EXTREME levels, enhancing the dynamic gameplay and replayability.
- Empower Yourself: Embrace or escape your phobias and fears in NOPE CHALLENGE, where each choice shapes your path, making every scream uniquely yours.
- Share Your Scare: NOPE CHALLENGE promotes screen sharing, so friends and family can watch as you delve into the nightmares. 

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