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At Home and Abroad: Sarah Imhoff on Jewish Identity
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1 year ago

Welcome back to Interactions, a podcast about law and religion, and how they interact in the world around us.

On March 2nd, 2021, Columbia University Press released the book At Home and Abroad: The Politics of American Religion. Edited by Elizabeth Shakman Hurd and Winnifred Fallers Sullivan, this collection of fifteen essays explores the ways religion connects with law and politics on topics ranging from religion in Hawaii to the culture of Yoga. With reviews describing the book as “a profound and inspiring volume [that] turns American religion inside out,” At Home and Abroad is an engaging collection that is incredibly relevant today. And it is this relevance that inspired us to dive deeper into the topics of this book.

Over the next few months, we’ll be exploring and discussing the importance of these chapters with the people who are most knowledgeable of the subject: the authors themselves.

In our first episode, Matt Cavedon and Ira Bedzow speak with Sarah Imhoff, author and Assistant Professor of Religious Studies and the Borns Jewish Studies Program at Indiana University. Her essay “Homemaking in Palestine: Jessie Sampter, Religion, and Relation” explores poet and Zionist Jessie Sampter through the lenses of “home” and “abroad.” The three of them discuss the history of Sampter, the role of Zionism and Judaism in her identity, and the power of biographies for social change.