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KubeCon EU 2023, back in business
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10 months ago

KubeCon, back to business

Ahead of the event I arranged some interviews with companies that piqued my interest and don’t all fit under the headings in my write up that you can read here - https://chinchillasqueaks.substack.com/p/9c266812-78f0-4985-a719-2b745ff7053c


I previously covered the slim toolkit from Slim.ai and in the interview I am joined by Nnenna Ndukwe, developer advocate at the company, to discuss their new vulnerability scanning and hardening features.


Another company I covered previously, I speak with Daniel Valdivia, MinIO’s Kubernetes expert to cover how their S3 compatible API helps users streamline object storage.


I speak with Christopher and Stephen about their new(ish) companythat attempts to solve the human side of incident management. The company also had some awesome T-Shirts that channeled their english roots with “Don’t Panic” emblazoned across them.


Dominik Obermaier joins me to explain why message queues may not be new, but there are still many niche use cases where companies like HiveMQ can excel, and for them it’s IoT end edge computing.

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