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S2 E17 · On A Water Break
The One Where We Salute Our Band Directors
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2 months ago

This week we salute our band directors and we welcome new host Austin Hall. Our Guest host this week is the social media sensation Jacqueline aka ThatBandTeacherLady. All this, News, and more on this week’s episode of On A Water Break!

Guest Host:

Jacqueline Hairston - @that_bandteacher_lady

Meet our Hosts

Jackie Brown - @spintronixguard

Stephen McCarrick - @stephenmccarick

Cindy Barry - @leandermomma

Nicole Younger - @o2bnpjs & @thecookoutcg

Trevor Bailey - @t_pain151

Trish O’Shea - @trishdish1002

Beth Beccone - @bether7189

Chris Rutt - @wildhornbrass1

Cynthia Bernard - @cynthiabern

Ashlee Amos - @famousamossss_

Theo Harrison - @harrisontheo07

Stephanie Click - @stephanieclick

Whitney Stone - @dancerwhit

Justin Surface - @J_dex07

Ashley Tran - @itsashleytran

Jack Goudreau - @goudreau_

Bill Woodward - @remoking100

Emily Nee -

Ricardo Robinson-Shinall - @ricardorrobinson

Callie Quire - @cnquire

Austin Hall - @Austin_hall10

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Lexi Duda - Host for On A Water Break In Rhinestones - The Stories of the Twirlers @lexi_duda

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