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S1 E201 · Ruff Talk VR
Interview with Spoonfed - Developer of Grim
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1 month ago

On this episode of Ruff Talk VR we are joined by Spoonfed, the developer and creator of Grim! An upcoming VR multiplayer survival game coming soon to PCVR and the Meta Quest! Grim is one of our most anticipated VR games and we have plenty to ask the man behind it! Listen as we get to know Spoonfed, learn more about the origins and development of Grim, and more!


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Left stranded on the Red Planet by AdvantEDGE. Filled with treacherous terrain, riddled with precious resources necessary for your survival. Find food, water, and materials to construct a secure base and hone your craft. Discover radiated monuments that hold desirable loot. But be wary of the unknown and rival survivors as they pose constant threats and challenge your resilience on the Red Planet that is GRIM. Explore Mars, but watch your back…


In GRIM, there are no rules other than fending for yourself. Craft tools, armor, and weapons to make your rightful place on Mars against rival survivors and the entities that roam it. You can Cooperate with friends and neighbors to build settlements. You can trade with players in peace, or raid their bases with menacing intent to steal their riches.


Constructing your base is entirely under your control, from fortification to mischievous traps. You can craft your base by yourself or with other survivors. Gather your resources and command your territory.

GRIM’s VR experience will immerse you in an unforgiving world that wants to witness your struggles of survival. See how long you can make it on your own or team up with others to build and survive. Prey and Plunder.

GRIM is an Exclusive VR Multiplayer Survival game where you must immerse yourself as a survivor on Mars, where survival is not just a choice but a battle against the unknown and other players. The game features a plethora of different scenarios from traversing the map. Build and fortify your base to stand at the top.

Grim is packed with features for unlimited replayability including:
● Simultaneous PVP and PVE - Avoid both players, wildlife and AI.
● Scavenge the land and opposing bases for resources, food, water, firearms, and ammunition.
● Build and Fortify your base.
● Team up or go alone on the treacherous red planet.
● Find monuments for their outstanding loot.
● Craft your tools and build your workshop.
● Variety of makeshift weapons ranging from hatchets to assault rifles.
● Raid your enemies.

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