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E1 · Spotlight on Equity in Child Nutrition
Spotlight on Equity - All in Almeada
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1 year ago

We recently sat down with Dr. Larissa Estes White, the Executive director of All IN Alameda County. Launched in 2014, ALL IN Alameda County helps Alameda residents meet their basic needs related to food, shelter, safety, healthcare, and access to quality educational and economic empowerment opportunities that promote self-sufficiency. They do this by recognizing the role that racism and discrimination play in creating persistent poverty, especially among communities of color.

ALL IN Alameda County's primary focus has been increasing access to nutritious food. They have worked on this issue in several different ways, including:

  • Leveraging healthcare to increase access to healthy foods by also addressing food insecurity and improving chronic conditions
  • Creating local food farmacies
  • Engaging in neighborhood-based policy and advocacy
  • Developing food recovery programs.