IFA and Startup night Berlin 2023, slow but steady image
Chinchilla Squeaks
IFA and Startup night Berlin 2023, slow but steady
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9 months ago

It's a busy weekend of tech in Berlin, but have things cooled or are we all taking a well-earned break?

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First, a couple of links

The best iPad score reader for most people →

Even before Apple announced the iPad, seeing the first Amazon Kindle had me excited for the day that I would be able to leave my giant stacks of music scores at home.

How the iMac saved Apple →

The original iMac entered a computing world that desperately needed a shake-up. After the wild early days of the personal computer revolution, things had become stagnant by the mid-1990s.

Elegy for the Native Mac App →

The first Macintosh came out in 1984 with a familiar formula: expensive, limited, but elegant and easy to use. From the start it was something of a cult classic. Apple was struggling financially, and spent most of the 90s on hair-brained ideas: the Newton, the Pippin, the QuickTake.

The rise of the tech ethics congregation →

Just before Christmas last year, a pastor preached a gospel of morals over money to several hundred members of his flock.

Web Sustainability Guidelines (WSG) 1.0 →

Get your sites sustainable! Officially.

My highlights of IFA and Startup night Berlin 2023