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S1 E166 · Ruff Talk VR
Interview with Emre Tanirgan - Creator of Paradiddle
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4 months ago

On this episode of Ruff Talk VR we are joined by Emre Tanirgan the creator of Paradiddle! A VR drumming simulator that has recently graduated from app lab to the official Meta Quest store. Build your own drum set and learn to drum in this VR app. Listen as we get to know Emre, his work prior to Paradiddle including at Magic Leap, what's coming next for Paradiddle, and more!

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Store Description:So much more than a VR drum kit. Learn to drum with step by step lessons, flex your skills with the built-in rhythm game, and build your own custom kit from a library of 60+ percussive instruments without the limitations of money or physical space. Fun, intuitive drumming for pros and newcomers alike!

Key Features:
- Flex your skills in the built-in rhythm game mode: adjustable difficulty for 30 different songs, plus custom song support and cross-platform leaderboards.
- Create your custom drum kit from a library of 60+ percussive instruments, from mallet instruments like the xylophone and steel drum, to auxiliary percussion such as bongos, tambourines and timpanis.
- Pick up the basics with 10 beginner-friendly lessons, perfect for drumming newcomers.
- Use the new multiplayer mode to perform for your friends in free play, or compete to get the high score playing the built-in songs.
- MR passthrough support empowers you to play virtual drums in the real world. You can even connect and augment your physical kit with the rhythm game mode and lessons.
- MIDI input/output support provides a powerful tool for composers, and also lets you augment your own electronic drum kit.
- Set the mood with 4 different environments: Dojo, Jazz Club, Galaxy, Void.
- USB and Bluetooth pedal support for kick and hi-hat.
- Load your own songs, audio files and sheet music.
- Easily save/load different kits and record your jam sessions.

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