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S1 E60 · This Week in Surgery Centers
Kathy Wilson – Accurately Tracking & Reporting on the "Wrong Site" Measure
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4 months ago

Running a surgery center is extremely challenging, and one element that adds to the challenge is collecting, aggregating, and reporting on quality measures. While there are many measures to stay on top of, Kathy Wilson, the Executive Director at the ASC Quality Collaboration, is on today to talk about the measure “Wrong Site, Wrong Side, Wrong Patient, Wrong Procedure, Wrong Implant.” A few weeks ago, we sourced questions from all of you for Kathy to answer, so we covered topics such as best practices for collecting the data, how to make sure you’re not over-reporting or under-reporting, the importance of benchmarking, and everything in between.

After our conversation with Kathy, we’ll switch to our Data & Insights segment. Today, we’ll cover OR block time, and take a look at the amount of blocked OR time that remains unused, and how you can overcome this challenge.

Resources Mentioned:

Visit the ASCQC’s website for free benchmarking and toolkits: https://www.ascquality.org/home

Download HST’s State of the Industry Report to get your hands on even more data: https://www.hstpathways.com/resources/surgery-center-industry-report

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