Interview with Jeroen Dessaux - Creative Director at Triangle Factory Developers of Breachers image
S1 E157 · Ruff Talk VR
Interview with Jeroen Dessaux - Creative Director at Triangle Factory Developers of Breachers
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3 months ago

On this episode of Ruff Talk VR we are joined with  Jeroen Dessaux  the Creative Director at Triangle Factory - the studio behind Breachers! One of the most popular multiplayer games in VR, Breachers is as good as it gets for VR 5v5 shooters. Listen as we get to know Jeroen, hear about the making of Breachers, what's coming next, and more!



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In Breachers, you plan your assault or orchestrate your defense as a team through intense close-quarters combat. Whether you play as an enforcer or a revolter, master your nifty gadgetry, customize your powerful weaponry and beat your opponents in stunning environments.

Intuitive to grasp. Endlessly playable.

Your goal as an enforcer is to eliminate your enemies and disarm their bombs with an EMP. Rappel and blow up walls, swing through windows and catch your opponents by surprise with gadgetry like drones, cloaking devices, flashbangs and breaching foam.

Your goal as a revolter is to prevent your enemies from disarming your bomb by terminating them before they do so. Use doorblockers, tripmines, static field emitters and proximity sensors to defend your position.

To ensure victory, purchase and customize your extensive weaponry to your liking at the start of each round. Every gun, whether it's pistols, SMGs, shotguns or assault rifles, can be modified with attachments to suit your needs.

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