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S1 E59 · This Week in Surgery Centers
Marsha Diamond – Using AI to Reduce Denials
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1 month ago

Marsha Diamond is the Director of Coding Solutions at Aideo Technologies, and we had the opportunity to talk with her about how AI can be used to reduce payor denials. There is a ton of AI talk going on, and it can feel overwhelming trying to understand what it is and how it can be woven into our lives, but Marsha did a great job breaking it down for us. We covered how AI can be used to avoid the most common causes for denials, which of course, would ultimately help you increase speed to revenue. We also chatted about the accuracy of AI and challenges you may face.

In our news recap, we’ll cover nimble’s new CEO, Kelley Blair, the cybersecurity threats that medical devices may impose, how ASCs can benefit from physician burnout at hospitals, and, of course, end the news segment with a positive story about six sisters going through nursing school together.

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