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Many to-be parents spend hours researching cribs and car seats; only rarely do they consider all the *other* ways in which their lives are about to change. And once the baby arrives? Many new mothers report a chasm between their parenting expectations versus day-to-day reality.

Today I speak with journalist and parenting expert Ericka Sóuter about the unspoken challenges of motherhood. Ericka has spent hundreds of hours interviewing mothers and she’s on the show to discuss what moms are experiencing (but not saying aloud) about the state of their homes, friendships, and professions.

Here’s a preview:

[12:00] 6 items on your New To-Do list

[13:30] 3 qualities every friendship needs to thrive

[15:00] Thoughts on MDML (Modern Day Mommy Loneliness)

[19:00] Practical ways to make your marriage less transactional

[28:00] Fighting back against the “motherhood penalty” at work


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