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Mental Minimalism
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1 year ago

While minimalism may sometimes seem trendy, the reality is that the lifestyle has been around for centuries. Indeed, ancient philosophies touted the importance of Less Is More living as a means of finding inner peace amidst frenetic daily life.

Today I speak with author Jessie Kanzer about first steps toward mental minimalism. Jessie argues that you don’t have to be a Zen master to simplify your cognitions and reduce unnecessary internal chatter; she argues too that enlightenment is about first learning to lighten up.


Here’s a preview:

[3:45] Minimalism isn’t a trend, it’s an ancient lifestyle

[10:30] Learning to slow down and be still in an achievement-based world

[16:15] How to get in touch with your Observer Self

[19:30] Taming our “monkey brains” as a means of enjoying little life moments

[21:15] What to do the next time life feels discombobulated



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