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How To Find Your Home Decor Style
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“I want to be able to create a home that we can truly feel at-home in, but [my new husband and I] still haven’t figured out what our “style” is. How can we find our home decor style without buying & trying different items? How can we figure out our tastes and preferences without spending a bunch of money, creating waste, and/or accidentally getting swept up by what’s trendy?”


It happens to the best of us: we search high and wide for the perfect decor that will transform our homes from lived-in disaster zones to ones reminiscent of those within the glossy pages of decor catalogs (I get it; I’ve been there too!). But “home” isn’t a place; it’s a feeling, and neither trinkets nor furniture have the power to make a house a home.

Today I’m answering a listener’s question about how to determine your home decor style. I’m also offering my best advice on how to avoid costly mistakes when purchasing furniture and other expensive home items.

Here’s a preview:

[3:45] Home isn’t a place; it’s a feeling

[7:15] 5 ways to find your home decor style

[17:30] How (and why) you should “date” your home before furnishing it

[22:45] Practicality versus aesthetics

[24:00] Thoughts on personalizing your space without spending a lot of money


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