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S1 E185 · Outnumbered the Podcast
Navigating Divorce with Guest Cindi Bailey {Episode 185}
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6 months ago

In today’s episode we’re interviewing Cindi Bailey about her experience with divorce. As you know, here at Outnumbered, we’re huge proponents of marriage and especially good, healthy marriages. We even have a whole series on it! So why would we bring on a guest to talk about divorce? It’s because we realize that marriage and the family are under attack! And so while our #1 intention for our own marriages and our deepest hope for each and every one of you is that your marriages last until “death do us part” we realize that your life has probably been touched by another couples’ divorce. Or you may be in the position of interacting with a child whose life has been changed forever by their parent’s divorce. And you may be feeling unequipped to help/comfort/council the person experiencing this terrible event.

We hope this interview with Cindi will give you insight into how to navigate a tricky or difficult situation.

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