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Forever Chemicals
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When carbon and fluorine fuse together they create a virtually unbreakable compound. These days, such per- and polyfluoroalkyl (or PFAS) substances are widely used in thousands of products from food packaging to clothing, carpets, and more. And because these chemicals are designed to be unbreakable, “forever chemicals” are adding up in our bodies and in the environment.

On today’s episode I’m answering a listener’s question about the group of chemicals known as PFAS by bringing you an interview with Kevin Loria. Kevin is a Senior Health and Science writer for Consumer Reports and has extensively covered CR’s research into the implications of extensive reliance on forever chemicals.

Here’s a preview:

[1:45] A PFAS primer: What this family of chemicals is, where they’re most commonly found, and why they’re dangerous

[5:00] Health and environmental concerns

[7:30] Forever chemicals in food packaging: What research found

[11:00] Where we’re at with regard to PFAS regulation in the US and around the world

[15:00] EcoCraft, 100% Compostable, and other greenwashing examples: The “environmentally friendly” food packaging that’s actually not environmentally friendly at all

[16:45] 5 action steps to reduce PFAS exposure and make better purchasing decisions moving forward


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