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Many of us signed up for entertainment (streaming television! date night in a box!) and regular home delivery of essentials (toothbrushes! groceries! toilet paper!) at the start of the pandemic. If you’re like me, these days you may find yourself signed up for 10 or more subscription services.

Subscriptions can be time-saving and convenient, and specialty ones make great gifts. But if you aren’t receiving the value you expect from the subscription in question, it’s simply a colossal waste of money and resources. There are other drawbacks to the recurring payment model as well, and on today’s short and sweet episode I’m uncovering them.


Here’s a preview:

[7:30] 5 disadvantages to subscription services that you may not have considered

[8:45] What do recurring charges mean for our data and privacy?

[12:30] Subscription services and the concept of sunk cost

[18:00] One incremental action step for listeners to save money


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