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Adding More Space (Without Adding More Space)
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1 year ago

If you often bump into side tables or trip over misplaced shoes you’ve likely lamented your need for more space.

But staying in your existing home even though it’s imperfect has tangible benefits like greater financial savings, more free time, and less stress. On this episode I’m speaking with small living expert Melanie Gnau about how to create more livable space in your home without undergoing a lengthy construction addition or moving to a bigger home.


Here’s a preview:

[3:00]  Stephanie’s 4 best tips for creating more space (without adding more space)

[4:00] Furniture: Inserting the right amount in the appropriate sizes

[5:45] 4 ways to create smarter home storage

[11:00] How to make dead space work for you

[15:00] The relationship between small homes and conscious consumerism

[21:30] Thoughts on creating hangout space for older children and teenagers

[25:00] How to design a home that feels cohesive


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