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Veganuary and The Future Of Food
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Veganuary — the worldwide new years resolution movement — makes plant-based living accessible while also pushing for corporate change. While proponents of the month-long challenge report that veganism can be fun, today’s guest argues that plant-based living on the large scale (which, in her view, is inevitable!) will have positive consequences for our economy, climate, health, and culture.

Veganism is one of the fastest growing social movements in the world and so in honor of Veganuary I’m speaking with anthropologist Roanne Van Voorst about what’s possible once the majority of humans embrace plant-based. Roanne offers new, compelling arguments for trying Veganuary; she offers practical tips to help you stay on track, too.


Here’s a preview:

[5:15] We are amidst a great culture shift in which animal exploitation is becoming a thing of the past. Here’s why

[10:00] Pushing back against the “but meat just tastes good!” argument

[12:30] How a future without industrial-farmed meat and dairy will improve both the global economy and human culture

[18:00] 5 ways to avoid common carnivorous pitfalls 

[24:00] Smart steps to take before heading out to dinner

[26:20] (Literal) conscious consumption: How eating is a form of voting


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