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Home decor is a lot like fashion: the second we invest in a new piece of furniture or a new decor item, the catalogs and showrooms push a new trend. The items we just bought, then? They’re suddenly out of style.

Today I speak with interior designer Jessica Velazquez about curating rooms that are timeless. Jessica believes that style must always support lifestyle: when we play it right, we can design spaces that won’t expire when stores usher in a new trend.


Here’s a preview:

[5:00] Does evergreen and minimalist mean boring? Debunking common home decor myths

[12:00] The Number One way to avoid making costly design mistakes

[18:00] The hierarchy of accent pieces: tips for refreshing a space by zeroing in on accessories

[23:00] What color should we paint our walls?

[27:00] An eco-tip and a correction


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