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How to use the Remove Filler Words smart filter
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8 months ago

Hi Zen Creator! In this video, I will show you how to use the Remove Filler Words smart filter in your Zencastr postproductions.

The Remove Filler Words filter is a Produce feature available to users on paid plans for recordings in English. It searches your and your guests’ audio for common English-language filler words such as “um” and “ah” and cuts some of those words in the final audio mix. Please note, the filter is fine-tuned to only remove instances of those words that are not adjacent to other speech to ensure that transitions sound natural and to avoid creating sharp cuts.

In this video, my account is on a paid plan and my recording was done in the Record Audio, Show Video mode.

To open the Produce page - On your Dashboard, from the Rooms tab, hover over the room you wish to post-produce and click the Produce button.

On the Produce page, the tabs in the right sidebar are where you can change your postproduction settings.

For Remove Filler Words, click the Audio Settings tab. Under Smart Filters, next to Remove Filler Words, select Enabled.

If you would like to make adjustments to other postproduction settings, do so on this and the other tabs.

When you have finished reviewing and selecting your settings, scroll down to the Credits Cost section. Here, the length of the recording is displayed as this corresponds to the amount of credits that are needed for the postproduction. Click the Produce button. The postproduction starts to run and the credits are deducted from your balance.

Once the postproduction is running, you can stay on the page or close it. The postproduction will process in the background and you will receive an email when it is complete and the files are available to download.

If you stay on the Produce page, a message displays in the top right corner when the postproduction completes and you also receive the email. On the Postproductions tab, click the postproduction number. Then click the Download button. The files start zipping and when that finishes, a zip file downloads to your computer. Click on it, unzip or extract the zip file, and open the folder. In it, you will have an audio mix, a video mix, and an postproduction transcript.

To show the result of using this filter, I have downloaded my postproduction transcript from the Produce page and the original recording transcript from the Recording page. I searched the TXT files of these two transcripts for the word “um”. The overall number of “ums” are fewer in the post-produced audio than the original recording audio. The instances of “um” in the post-produced audio that are still there are because they bled into or were right next to other speaking parts and removing them would have resulted in unnatural-sounding transitions.

And that is how to use the Remove Filler Words smart filter in your Zencastr postproductions. If you need further assistance, please email us at