How do I combine the individual files into one?  image
S1 E1 · Producing with Zencastr
How do I combine the individual files into one?
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5 months ago

Hi Zen Creator! In this video, I’m going to show you how you can combine the individual files into one using Zencastr’s Produce functionality.

By default, when you record on Zencastr, you get separate files for each participant. Having separate tracks is important for editing purposes. To combine your files:

Rejoin the Room you wish to access and combine the individual files.

Click “Create your Podcast.” You should then be taken to the “produce episode” page.

Click edit

Check or uncheck the names of the participants to pick the files you like to combine.

Click the check icon on the upper right side of the screen to finalize

Click produce and download if you want to download the combined files.

Click produce and publish; if you are hosting in Zencastr, to publish your combined files as an episode.

And that is how to combine your individual files into one. If you need further assistance, reach out to us via chat or email at