Dad Talks

Podcast Synopsis

I have dreamed, thought, and pictured what it would be like to take on the role of Father someday. Now, here I am being the best dad that I know how to be. I am learning how to care for my child, which means changing diapers, cleaning up yogurt, listening to hours of crying and whining, crawling on the floor making odd noises, giving up space and time with my wife, and laying in awkward positions that cause my arm to go numb.


Those are the physical tasks of being a dad and they require a special kind of grit. However, I am also mentally preparing myself for the tasks that tug at the mind, heart, soul, and spirit of a person. The dad talks that lead to mental growth and increased mental capacity. These are the conversations that help aspiring children to do more and be more or sometimes do less and be less. Life is difficult and I do not have it figured out yet. Regardless, my children will look to me for answers and I want to make sure that I have given some thought to how I would like to share my opinions and wisdom.


I believe that one of the best ways to capture mental maturity is to record it. After all, the brain is much more powerful than we can fathom and often times it is difficult to track the brain's progression from one state to another. This is why I am creating this podcast. As my children grow older they will participate with me and we will have years of recorded conversations to look back on.


Podcast Description

Dad Talks provides you with quick snippets of the conversations that Aaron has with himself as well as the conversations he has with his wife, kid(s), and family about being a dad and sharing words with intent.

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